Houston Autism Center

Unlock Children one at a Time 

We are a non profit organization dedicated to the development and advancement of children and adults in the Autistic Spectrum Disorder.  The clinic started 15 years ago by Jorge and Yvonne Carrillo, both of them parents of an autistic child.  Our work and dedication to this mission was, and continues to be, inspired by our son Alex.  We strive to serve and offer the best and more actualized ways of helping our patients to achieve their maximum potential.  Most importantly, our work begins with a most sincere and loving effort to connect with the whole person in front of us.  

Jorge Carrillo, Ph.D. Board Certified in Serious Mental Illness, Child and Adolescent Psychology and Psychopharmacology. Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Licensed School Psychologist by the State of Texas.   Dr. Carrillo has received training in functional medicine, and has completed in addition to that two courses in nutrition and has received certification as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner, as well as an Integrative Nutritional practitioner.  He has received training in performing various assessments including genetic testing for personalized medicine, intestinal dysbiosis, and other procedures pertinent to the health and condition of our patients.  

Yvonne Habet-Carrillo, Ph.D. is the mother of Alex - our son- who appears on the logo of Houston Autism Center.  She is not only a devoted mother, but also the manager of our center.  She completed her doctoral program at  the University of Southern Mississippi, and has worked extensively with children and families touched by autism.  She and I have made it a mission to provide a "one stop" treatment facility for children in the spectrum.  This continues to be our dream, and we hope will be a reality soon.  

And about Alex, he is now 16 years old.  Even though he continues to be in the spectrum, he is happy and content.  His health has improved considerably, and he has become a very loving human being.  As a child, while suffering from severe gastro-intestinal pain, he sough refuge in a spherical toy that could be opened and closed, and he stayed in there for a while.  That moment was like a metaphor of his devastating condition: he was locked in and without a way out of his aloofness and confusion about his little world. That moment stuck in our minds, and eventually it became the embodiment of his predicament.  It was our purpose, then, to help him out of his disjointed condition and bring him back to our arms, because he was already deep in our hearts.  

Our oldest son, Jorge Jr., has been a guardian angel, and a spring of patience towards Alex.  He prayed, at his mother's request, for "God to give us another child."   And he did so as a young boy every night before going to sleep.  Then Alex was born.  He was a perfectly normal child who lost virtually all of his skills at the age of approximately 24 months.  He has taught us many lessons, not the least of which have been patience, compassion, loss of self-importance, hope, and -mostly- a sense of celebration for the smallest little steps that children take.  Our center aspire to be a reflection of our sense of gratitude and compassion for children and families that struggle with children with autism and with developmental challenges. 

Children are not a Label - There is Always time to Grow - Love is Forever 

We are a dedicated staff committed to the growth and fulfillment of our 

children, youth, and individuals in the spectrum .

Nuestro equipo de trabajo - completamente dedicado al crecimiento y desarrollo de las personas dentro del espectro autista. 

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