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With approximately one children in 66 diagnosed with Autism, the needs of families and their children in the spectrum are of the most paramount importance. We have made out goal to help these children to reach their maximum potential, while at the same time respecting their right to be who they are. We dream to achieve a place that can provide total care and guidance during their journey into adulthood. Please, call out main line (713-939-1229) and make a difference.

Aproximadamente uno en cada 66 nenes son diagnosticados con Autismo (esta cifra es muy conservadora) y se proyecta que para el 2030 uno de cada tres nenes serán diagnosticados con Autismo. Hemos hecho nuestro objetivo el ayudar a ellos a alcanzar el máximo potencial y al mismo tiempo respetando el derecho que tienen a determinar que quieren ser. Es nuestra mas sincera ambición construir un lugar en donde se les pueda brindar el apoyo, la guía y el tratamiento que ellos merecen y que les ayude a marcar una diferencia en sus vidas y en la de sus familias.

  1. Below is our current recently purchased property where we will be providing as many services as possible to children in the autistic spectrum. Please, make this possible with you tax deductible contribution to Houston Autism Center.
This project will become true because of the dedication and belief of those who work day and night for the recovery and growth of our children and families - Be part of it!

Helps us build the village for our children and adults in the spectrum to grow and flourish. We hope to provide a "one stop" place to service the need of children, adults, and families affected by autism. The picture above is just a goal, our current place is the one below, where we stretch out resources to provide for our children and their families.