At the Houston Autism Center, we provide initial screening/diagnosis of autism, therapy, bio-nutritional intervention including a variety of testing to find sources of distress, and particularly gastro intestinal dys-biosis.  In our center we provide not only group, individual and family services to children and their families, but also to teens and adults in the high functioning spectrum.  The focus of these groups is to aid in reaching the goals that each individual strives forth, one of which is to connect with people and provide tools for self-knowledge and self-advocacy.  

En el centro de Autismo de Houston, proveemos diagnostico inicial, terapias bio-nutritionales y una variedad de tests para investigar las fuentes de dis-función y particularmente  las fuentes de estrés intestinal y de inflamación.  En nuestro centro proveemos no solamente terapias de grupo, individual y de familia, sino también de adolescentes y de adultos con autismo.  El foco de esos grupos es el de ayudarles a conseguir sus objetivos personales, como el de conectarse con personas y ayudarles a conocerse mas para que ellos mismos puedan abogar por ellos mismos lo mas que se pueda.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Ages:  We serve children aged 16 months all the way to teens and adults in different modalities (Floor Time, ABA, Pivotal Response Time...)

Establishing connections with themselves and the world

As an important addition to our continuity of services, we also offered therapy and counseling services to individual adults and their families.  This is mostly a group modality that is design to help persons in the spectrum connect with others, and experience the feeling of being accepted regardless of their idiosyncrasies and personal attributes.  Some of the issues facing this particular segment of the population is their sense of value and purpose in life, loneliness, sexual, emotional and psycho-spiritual aspects of their lives.  

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The Cost of "Faking  Being Normal." 

Connection and acceptance with each child is always our first step.  Autism is basically a connection challenge.  They show us the way their minds work, their world, and then we share with them how the social world works. There is not a single approach that fits every child.  Each one of them has his/her own rhythm. 

Individuals in the spectrum, regardless of their age, need to develop connections and build relationships that help them to feel fulfilled and whole.  Particularly as youth in the spectrum come out of age, they face the challenge of establishing a supportsystem where they feel complete. 

Las personas con autismo, no importan sus edades, necesitan desarrollar conexiones que les ayuden a sentirse mas completos y felices.  Los adolescentes en particular se enfrentan al reto de establecer fuentes sociales de apoyo donde se sientan aceptados y tenidos en cuenta.

Assessment of Autism Spectrum Disorder ranging from 18 months of age up to adulthood.  We are also guide families after diagnosis has been provided utilizing bio-medical intervention and psycho-educational approaches.  We utilize a wide arrange of procedures that best fit the person to reach his/her goals